is donating items to local kink and fetish groups across the US!

Thanks to our amazing customers and their support, is looking for small to medium groups across the US that we can give back to.

Having hosted our fair share of fetish parties and events we understand the cost and need for things that always seem to be in short supply. Maybe itís a charity drive, sani wipes for the furniture, or maybe itís a new cross.
Whatever your local Kink groups needs are we may be able to help a little by donating an item or two for you to raffle or auction off at your next event.

Weíve been donating fetish items to support our local groups for years. It tends to work out well for all, the groups get extra money to support the groups needs and we get exposure of our items to people that might not otherwise know about us yet.

For an idea of what we might be able to donate to your local group
Check out the kinky things we make (Opens in a new window)

Here are a few of the Groups weíve helped in the past:
Leather History Conference
Lenoir Area Group
The Loft
House of Mercy
Leather Leadership Conference
Spartanburg Socials
Tarheels Leather Club
Kinky Catawba
Tradesmen Leather Club
South East Leather Fest
Appalachian Women of Leather
Jonson City BDSM Group
Critters In Need

Unfortunately we simply canít help every group across the US, but maybe just maybe we can help make a small difference for a few of the folks that host events for others to enjoy. Our goal is to help 2-3 kink / BDSM groups a month for the remainder of 2017.

If your group meets the following minimum requirements please send us a request message.
  • Must be in the US & Actively Hosting local parties / events.
  • At least 1 year of event history.
  • Have not received a donation from us in the last year.
  • 200+ Group followers on Fet or FB. (Exceptions may be made for low kink population areas)
  • Average event attendance of at least 20 people.
  • Not for profit.

Group Donation Request Form

Web site URL
Fetlife Group URL
Facebook Group URL
Contact Name
Email Address
Fetlife name
If an Item doesn't apply to your group you may leave it blank,
at least one group link is required to verifiy information.

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Not The Group Owner?
Please forward this page to your local leaders if you think it's something that would interest them.

I understand that submitting this form does not guarantee that BrutalPassion will support or donate to my group. If my group is given one or more donated items I understand that they MUST be raffled or auctioned off to the groups members the proceeds of which shall go to my cause of choice.
We have predetermined criteria that we are looking for in the groups that we decide to donate to and all Donations to groups will be made based on order of need and ability to create a win-win as determined by us. If your group is selected we do ask that you link back to us or mention us in your groups social platform so as to help offset the cost of donated items through potential sales to your members. We will also ask that you pay actual shipping cost on the donated items so that we do not incur those fees allowing us to help more local groups. (Generally shipping is between $3.50-$12 depending on number of items)

Thank you for stopping by, Please Check Out Our Online Store
Every purchase makes things like this possible, We appreciate the support that we have gotten from the community and it is our pleasure to give a little back!

Ryan & Miranda

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