Hand Crafted Floggers, Whips, BDSM Toys, Bondage devices, and Fetish Items Made By Lifestylers for Lifestlyers!

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Birch Beaters
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Misc Toys
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We Are Taking
Custom Orders
If you don't see what you are looking for, just Contact Ryan with your custom request.

We can generally have exactly what you are looking for custom made for you in 3-10 days.

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Get the item you ordered, or your money back, on all items we sell.
Extremely Discreet Shipping! All orders are shipped under the owners legal name.

We are currently doing a website reset, this is expected to be completed by aprox 6/1/21.

Until then all orders are being taken trough our ETSY shop as we transition from made to order to as available on our products.

Please visit our ETSY shop here:

Do you make a Kinky product unlike
anything we make or carry?

We are looking for fellow crafters that make reasonably priced unique items that would like to partner with us. There are only so many products we can make in a day and to fill our shop with great items we are now doing limited consignment type sales with other crafters.

Your item(s) must not be like any other that we already carry. (with limited exceptions)
You must make the item!
Items must meet Ryan's standards for consistent quality.
Your items must be clearly tagged and priced.
You Must have a Paypal Account.

How it works:

Much like amazon fulfillment centers (without the storage fees), you ship your items to us, we inventory them, photograph them, stock them, and promote them. When an item sells we pull it, ship it, and pay you based on our agreement. You don't have to promote your items or do anything else once they are shipped to us if you don't want to.

You set your prices, if we think it's to high or to low we will tell you but at the end of the day it's still your item we are just here to try and help you sell more of your items! If an item isn't moving we will advise you to the best of our ability as to why, if things aren't selling neither of us make anything!

When your item sells we split the purchase price, the split can can be anywhere from 80/20 to 50/50 in your favor depending mostly on material cost, volume of sales, and amount of labor required to produce an item. Most items will fall somewhere in the middle, at the end of the day we want to create a win-win for everyone!

There are no long term contracts! If after 60 days you aren't happy with the arrangement notify us at least 10 days prior to the end of the month and we will discontinue ads for your items, pull your unsold items from inventory, remove any webpages created for your items, and mail any unsold items back to you.

Let's Get Started
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Frequently asked Questions:

Why do you want X amount of the sale price?
Generally this is purely based on what we anticipate it is going to cost us to market your item along side ours, pack it, ship it, and leave us a small profit after labor to do the day to day stuff. Unfortunately getting people to the website cost money and as much as I love my slave I don't believe in slave labor.

When do I get paid?
The same day your item ships, if we choose to vend your items at a face to face event it will be the next day.

How much will I make?
There are to many variables to answer that question. If an item type is selling under 3-5 units a month there is an issue that we will address with you, it may be color selection or price point. More expensive items will take longer to sell than cheaper ones. Our sweet spot is the $10-$50 price point, these items tend to move fast and in volume where as items between $50-200 tend to move at a much slower rate.

Can I send one of a kind items?
Yes, we prefer to receive at least 12 of an item priced under $35 or at least 2-3 of an item with a price point over $35 to limit repetitive task in listings but one of a kind items over $50 tend to do pretty well.

How many items do I have to send you each month?
That's totally up to you, the more of an item we receive the harder we are going to promote it where as limited items generally will be allowed to sit as flow through sale items.

Can I offer a sale or discount to help sell more?
YES, if you want us to run a special on one of your items it will appear in various parts of our site that draw a lot of traffic along with being displayed in our discount promotions which tend to move a lot of product at once.

Can I promote / sell my own items?
Yes, you can link to our site and/or your products that you've sent to us for order fullfillment. Added traffic will likely increase your overall sales. Partnering with us in no way stops you from continuing to sell the items you make, you are in charge of what items you send to us so sell your heart out! We want to see you succeed!

Can I ship my own items?
Nope, this is purely for shipping efficacy and not having to hold funds or mess with admin errors. We have a very high repeat customer rate and they are use to stupid fast shipping. If we offered your items and allowed you to ship and we sell and item on Friday while you are headed on vacation or just away for the weekend and that item can't ship for 3-7 days we are the one our customer is looking at for a reason why. Or say you were to sell it and forget to tell us, that order can't be filled and our customer is again looking at us. There are a number of reasons but it boils down to providing the service our customers are use to with as few accidental mistakes or unexpected issues as possible.

I'm vending at xyz can I temporally pull my items?
Sorry but no, this isn't practical from a logistics standpoint! The cost and time required to pull and ship items back and forth are simply to much. We don't want you to send your entire inventory to us, just the items that you would like help selling more of!

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