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Full Size Metallic Red & Black Dragon Tail
This is a full size 36" dragontail made of 3 oz genuine Top Grain Leather with a 7" diamond plait handle. Aprox overall length is 42". This dragon tail is middle of the road as for the wieght of our tails, it throws wonderfully and is well rounded for play!

$99.95 + $4.37 Shipping

Black & Red Light Weight
This light weight flogger is perfect for warmup or lighter bottoms. It has 24-1/2" falls that are 19" long and made of 2-2.5oz top grain leather built on a hardwood core.

$34.95 + $2.85 Shipping

Black And Red Barbed Wire Flogger
Our leather barbed wire floggers are made from hand braided heavy leather! The combination of the sharp tips and braided knots makes for an intense flogger that delivers an intense stingy thuddy sensation on impact.
The more of the falls you strike with the more thud where as brushing strikes are high in sting.

Falls are aprox 17" long and overall length of 24". Custom Order

$64.95 + $3.55 Shipping

Only 1 Left!

Deep Red & Black Finger Flogger Set
This set has 24 - 1/2" falls 19" long with a 2" double loop handle on each flogger. Aprox overall length is 26".

This set is made of 4oz top grain leather and offers a delightful med sting and thud! Perfect for all around play!

$69.95 + $4.3 Shipping

Only 2 Left!

Black and Red Standard Leather Flogger (Model 97)
This nice mild flogger is built on a weighted core and has 24 falls 19" long made of 3oz leather it delivers a nice mild thud with very little sting. Aval in 32 fall heavy by request

$44.95 + $3.55 Shipping

Only 2 Left!

Black & Red 24 inch Birch Beater
This Birch beater is made of 7 unfinished 3/8" birch dowels and a 7" leather wrapped handle.

$34.95 + $4.22 Shipping

Only 2 Left!

24 Inch Red Swirl Cane Set
Starting with a sturdy solid oak cane we have applied a custom paint job to each one and finished it with multiple coats of clear coat to make them cleanable. This set includes both a 3/8 inch and a 1/2 inch cane with a 7 inch leather wrapped handle.

Limited Supplies and each set is just a bit different, requires 7+ days for custom & back orders due to curing times.

$44.95 + $3.95 Shipping

Red Leather Tawse
These great toys start out as ordinary 8oz veg tan leather which is then hand cut and hand dyed to bring a bright flare to an old classic! These are cut to a width of 2 inches with an overall length of aprox overall length of 17-21 inches depending on the leather we have on hand at the time of purchase.

$29.95 + $3.55 Shipping

Only 2 Left!

Red BDSM Canes Set
We start these canes with hand selected 24 inch sturdy solid oak canes. They are then tip beveled and sanded smooth before we apply a layer of stain to each one and finished it with multiple coats of floor grade polyurethane to make them both cleanable and durable. This set includes both a 3/8 inch and a 1/2 inch cane with a 7 inch leather wrapped handle.

$44.95 + $4.15 Shipping

Black & Red Rubber Dragon Tail
This toy puts the B in Brutal! It's aprox 34" long with a 7" diamond plait leather handle and is made from 1/16" thick neoprene rubber.

It's super easy to clean and throws very accurately, it took us a bit to get a rubber tail that threw to Ryan's standards. Use with caution and a light hand, this toy will leave marks with little more than the flick of a wrist!

$99.95 + $6.95 Shipping

Only 1 Left!

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